On the Course

Toro Irrigation Leads Longevity In Marketplace

Longevity has been key to Toro’s irrigation strategy since its early development and it’s certainly something Reesink Hydro-Scapes can attest to seeing ‘on the ground’ in the UK. 

As the sole Toro distributor in the UK for golf and sports fields irrigation products, Robert Jackson, manager of Reesink Hydro-Scapes, the distributor’s water division, is only now, after 30 years working in the business, needing to help the clubs he worked with in the early days of his career to update their Toro systems. 

“Looking back through the orders books and from experience we can attest to Toro’s longevity and length of performance the systems get at UK golf clubs,” he says. “For us to see Toro giving up to 30 years of service is testament to the quality, technology, craftmanship and construction of the products.

But it’s more than that, it’s as much to do with the design, installation, maintenance, and servicing of the system too, and that’s where Reesink Hydro-Scapes and its network of irrigation contractors step in to create the perfect partnership with Toro.

Rob continues: “There’s a reason it takes time to fit a brand-new irrigation system, and that’s because it’s being done properly. The phrase Rome wasn’t built in a day couldn’t ring more true than when it comes to this – it takes time to create great things – and if it doesn’t, it usually means corners have been cut.

“Replacing or updating an irrigation system is a big job, it’s timely and disruptive work and could mean months of delays to play,” Robert says. “There’s no escaping it but the point is that when you do it you want to know that the system you choose has got the best shelf life possible and proven longevity. And that’s never in doubt with Toro. Do it properly now and don’t think about it for another two to three decades.”

Plus, with Reesink’s irrigation finance options clubs don’t even need to pay now. Reesink can spread the cost of new irrigation systems over tailored plans to give better control over operational budgets and stabilise costs in the face of fluctuating market conditions.

“We understand the outlay of a new irrigation system is significant and we don’t believe that should stop anyone accessing the best options available,” Robert concludes. “Irrigation finance does just that and includes not just the products but the installation too.”

To find out more about how the longevity of Toro and service from Reesink unite to bring the best value irrigation solutions, call Reesink Hydro-Scapes on 01480 226800, email info@reesinkturfcare.co.uk or visit reesinkhydro-scapes.co.uk.

Productive Peace At Hillside Golf Club

Toro electric machinery enables all-day course maintenance 

Having seen improved productivity from all-day course maintenance from using Toro electric machinery, Hillside Golf Club in Southport has subsequently invested in four more Toro all-electric eTriFlex 3370 greensmowers and two Toro Workman GTX-Lithium utility vehicles from distributor Reesink Turfcare. 

When the club invested in its first eTriFlex three years ago, the aim was environmental to eliminate the risk of hydraulic leaks on the greens. Having used the machine for three years now there’s an additional benefit: it’s favoured just as much for the lack of operational noise, which has enabled greens staff to mow throughout the day.

Links manager Chris Ball explains: “The way golf clubs mow has changed, and it’s not always possible to fit in all the work we need to do before play starts any more. This is due to a post-COVID increase in members and visitors and the commonly held view that rounds played over the same course take longer than they once did. 

“Work needs to happen all day – and the solution to that is simple, it’s silent electric power.” 

The R&A agrees in its Pace of Play guide, stating that course maintenance during play is necessary and adapting maintenance schedules is vital to have as little negative impact on pace of play and the players’ enjoyment as possible.

“With the electric mowers, we can work around members and guests without disturbing them and gives us the ability to get in right behind tournament play as it happens which is essential in keeping on top of the course throughout an event,” Chris says. 

When Chris bought the original mower, total cost of sale was a big factor, yet at the time it was an unknown. Thanks to Toro’s newly developed cost calculator, designed to compare operating expenses of alternative energy-powered machines, it’s now known that using the eTriFlex over five years will save £10,153 compared to its diesel equivalent. 

“I can well believe it,” says Chris. “There’s a number crunching exercise to be done but I’d say we’re well on the way to that. It’s the absence of downtime and lack of repairs required that’s particularly noticeable, and how easy and quick maintenance is. And that’s without factoring in reduced running costs and no fuel.” 

Seeing how this way of working improved productivity and elevated the condition of the course helped the club make the decision to boost its electric machinery fleet with Toro electric utility vehicles from distributor Reesink Turfcare, too. With the Workman GTX-Lithiums on board bunker work such as raking can also run alongside mowing throughout play.

All of this is part of a wider sustainable picture with Chris and the team working towards being non-reliant on chemicals, carefully choosing the perfect combination of drought-resistant organic feeds and disease-tolerant grasses. The goal is to use less water and fewer inputs and spend less money to get the same results. 

“It’s important to make the investment now to reap the benefits in the future,” Chris concludes – and leading the way with electric machinery has been an integral part of that investment in the future.

To find out more about electric or hybrid machinery options, call Reesink Turfcare on 01480 226800 or visit reesinkturfcare.co.uk.