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Soaring inflation continues

For the second month in a row, May’s retail sales in general fell by -1.5% on a like-for-like basis compared to the same period last year. Products with high price points fared worse as consumers prioritised lower priced essentials.
    Golf shop also showed less sales value at -15.9% compared to May 2021. On the face of it, it is a significant drop. But this is not the full story. The months sales in May 2021 soared to 299.9% compared to the previous year, resulting from golfers returning to play after the lockdown. Taking this into account unfortunately does not tell the whole story. We need to compare the current figures to last stable Covid-free year: 2019. This for May 2022 shows an increase of +11.3% – good news! However, there is still one more factor that must be consider: inflation. This will have increased prices over the three-year period from 2019. The most realistic way to overcome this problem is to look at volume sales. These shows a decline for the month of -1.4% compared to 2019. So, not quite as bad as the top line figures portray.
    Drilling down to individual products shows a wide range of performances compared to the May last year. These range for hardware from -8.5% for irons to -34.1% for trolleys. The exceptions were balls at +1.1% showing that golfers continue to play. Additionally, the apparel group excluding outwear also showed a little growth at +1%. This mirrors sales on the High Street which have favoured clothing as people kit themselves up for the summer.
    Year-to-date sales compared to 2021 continue their downward trend. This month they were +31.9% compared to +68.3% in April. This pattern was expected as the effects of Covid lockdowns worked out of the system. Top performers were irons at +56.6% and women’s clothing.
    Looking to the future the picture is not great. The post-Covid bounce back has evaporated and the war in Ukraine is likely to last for years to come. World markets are in disarray pushing up prices of many commodities which fuels high inflation. This leaves many golfers with less spare cash with which to buy non-essentials. This suggests a tough time for golf retailers who need to review all their business practices and buying policies in the light of changing market conditions.
    In the UK, Golf Datatech research is based on an average of 2,000,000 records per month, recorded by EPOS systems at the point of sale.
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Clubs: Woods, irons, putters, and wedges

Apparel: Men’s and women’s shirts, bottoms, tops and weatherwear

Consumables: Balls and gloves


Mizuno releases Limited Edition Pro 221 in blue IP

1,221 sets to be available from August 2022

Mizuno has announced the global release of 1,221 sets of the Mizuno Pro 221 muscleback, in a stunning blue IP finish.
    The irons, which will be available from Autumn 2022 boast a smoky blue plating, an exclusive staff banded ‘icon’ ferrule, MCC Teams Blue / White grips and a custom labelled DG Tour Issue S400 shaft.  
    As per Mizuno’s prior Blue IP wedges, the plating will be softer than standard chrome and combined with copper underlay for a sensational feel - should any prospective owner decide to play them.  They may prefer to maintain the irons pristine condition within a unique white Mizuno Pro case - which adds to their collectability.

The Limited-Edition Blue IP Mizuno Pro 221 (3-pw) will retail at $2,210/€2,210.

New PING ChipR is part wedge, part putter and all performance.

Today PING announced the introduction of the ChipR, a fully-engineered short-game solution that combines elements of a putter and wedge to help golfer’s improve performance around the greens.
    The PING ChipR is available for custom fitting and pre-sell beginning today at authorised PING golf shops around the world.
    The investment-cast, 431 stainless steel club is inspired by the PING Chipo, introduced by PING Founder Karsten Solheim in the late 1970s for golfers who lacked confidence with a traditional wedge and frequently struggled around the green.

“Golfers who fear chunking or blading their chip shots are really going to benefit from the new PING ChipR,” said John K. Solheim, PING CEO & President. “We’ve learned a lot since my grandfather, Karsten Solheim, invented the Chipo, but his insights were spot on as always. Our research indicates 1/3 of golfers who tested the ChipR saw better results compared to a traditional wedge. We’ve engineered a lot of technology into the ChipR to help golfers avoid the poor chip shot and save strokes around the green. It represents another score-lowering option from our engineers for golfers in search of game improvement and more enjoyment on the golf course.”

With the length of a putter (35”) and a loft closer to a 9-iron (38.5°), the ChipR is designed to be used on shots of 40 yards or less around the green with a putting-like stroke, resulting in bump-and-run style shots that ensure the distance control and consistency that leads to shorter putts.

“Applying a putting-style stroke takes a lot of the margin for error out of chip shots and is more comfortable for a lot of golfers,” Solheim said.  “Knowing that, we’re building the ChipR at our standard putter length and lie angle to make setting up to the ball easier while providing the right amount of loft to get the ball in the air and eventually rolling closer to the hole. We recommend applying the same amount of force for a putt of the same distance. A lot of golfers will be amazed at how easy it is to use and more importantly, the number of strokes they’ll be saving.”

The ChipR’s compact size and shallow face combine with the cambered sole to optimise performance and provide versatility from the rough and fringe. The precision milled MicroMax grooves deliver consistent and predictable trajectories for improved control.

“We designed the ChipR to fit seamlessly into a golfer’s set,” Solheim said. “Whether they replace an existing wedge or another club in their bag, it’s a tremendous option to save strokes around the green. Just like all our clubs, it’s forgiving and can be custom fit and custom built to match the needs of the player. We’re excited to get it into golfer’s hands so they can share their results with us and their playing partners can ask them how their short game got so good.”

PING ChipR Specifications
Material/Manufacturing Process: Investment-cast 431 stainless steel head; composite cavity badge; tungsten toe/shaft weights; precision-milled MicroMax face and grooves; hydropearl 2.0 chrome finish.

STD. LOFT/BOUNCE: 38.50°/8°
STD. LENGTH: 35” (available in custom lengths)
STD. LIE: 70° (avialble in 10 PING Color Codes)
STOCK SHAFTS: Steel: PING Z-Z115 wedge; Graphite: PING Alta CB Slate (R)
STOCK GRIP: 360 Dyla-wedge Lite Grip (3/4” longer than traditional grip)
RRP : £160 (steel), £170 (graphite)