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Swing City is bringing Inrange®’s market leading range experience to Australia.

•    Inrange® heads ‘Down Under’ with game-changing Short Range concept

In what has already been a landmark year for Inrange®, the radar ball tracking company has just announced a new partnership with Swing City - a $12 million state-of-the-art development, that will include a 40 bay range, a licenced restaurant, undercover and outdoor alfresco dining, corporate function facilities, mini-golf, and other amusements.
    Not only is this the first Inrange® site on the continent, it is also the first of its kind. Swing City is bringing Inrange®’s market leading range experience - a
complete multi-dimensional golf experience, equally appealing to a serious practice player as to someone holding a club for the first time - to Australia, whilst also being the first Inrange® compact site in the world (with a range field shorter than 100 metres). This is a revolutionary step for the driving range space as a whole.

“More and more, we’re working with partners who want to deliver a fully loaded range experience in a compact site,” explains Inrange® CEO SJ Marais.
    “To deliver on this goal, we’ve combined our proprietary radar tracking with algorithms that enable us to accurately record the full flight of a 250 yard drive, within a much shorter space”.

Typically a new driving range is not commercially feasible within large cities, as real estate is a premium (no more so than in Australia). So for Swing City to be able to offer a full driving range experience, in a much more compact space, is going to drive a major return on investment for the development.     Norwest (about 35 mins from Sydney) is now set to bring a whole new dynamic to the region. Parent developer Mulpha, has already begun construction and is scheduled to launch in the Australian spring.

“With families now making up 64% of households in The Hills, Norwest is ideally located for a diversified leisure and entertainment offering. Swing City will tap into a growing demand from people to enjoy the game of golf in a more family-friendly setting.”

Greg Shaw, CEO of Mulpha Group
"Australia joins Vietnam, The Netherlands, Ireland and Indonesia as new countries to bring in the pink tracers of Inrange® to their region in 2022. This growth is something that the company is incredibly proud of, but not surprised by.
"We are currently seeing a global revolution in what a great player experience looks like at a driving range. And what we offer our partners truly brings every type of visitor to their venue, which in turn brings a host of other benefits to their overall business”

David Rayner, Head of Sales for Inrange®
“For Swing City, this decision marks a major step in offering their guests the very best visitor experience.
    “We are proud to be the first to bring the Inrange® experience to Australian shores. What they offer perfectly matches our ambitions - to make practice more rewarding, and bring families and friends together on the range”

Swing City is due to open its doors in the the final quarter of the year.

For more information on the Swing City project contact
Sarah Peattie, Peattie Public Relations on 0412 239 633.

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•    Bespoke Integrations Create Awesome Solutions

Innovative software company Awesome Golf has adapted to the change in the market for golf facilities by integrating their software with well-renowned online booking system, Your Golf Booking, to create a cost-effective indoor simulator solution. Their latest location, The Pin, located in Aylesbury, demonstrates how these two versatile businesses have collaborated to create a bespoke solution that meets the venue’s specific requirement.
    Booking at The Pin is available online through the Your Golf Booking website. Once the booking has been made the customer is sent a QR code that unlocks the door on arrival. The integration into Awesome Golf means that golfers are greeted with a ready to play bay with their name and time slot, all on screen as part of the Awesome Golf experience.
    This transition to unmanned facilities moves away from the traditional driving range facilities that golfers up and down the country are familiar with. With recent success at another unmanned venue at Grimsby Golf Centre, it made Awesome Golf founder, Gavin Hamer, realise there is a shift in the market on the horizon.

“We’ve already seen Awesome Golf successfully integrated at Grimsby Golf Centre, another location that runs without any staff. It’s gone down incredibly well and it’s influencing how other businesses are operating now and may operate in the future.
    “We realised that golf is much more than an individual sport now, and people want to get together with their friends and families not only to play golf, but to have the option for food and drinks, which may have not been the case five years ago. We can integrate our system with F&B as well, making the service for customers somewhat seamless.”

The ability to book online is also a massive factor for customers. People can book online and enjoy the reassurance that they will have a space to play.
    He continued: “It’s an incredibly cost-effective way of running a golf venue. We have three different pricing structures including lease to own, rental or outright purchase which makes Awesome Golf a low-cost ownership for every type of golf facility, whether that be a range or indoor venue.”

Jake Peek from Your Golf Booking said: “We knew from our work with Grimsby Golf Centre how easy Awesome Golf are to work with.
The way their software works so seamlessly with our’s makes for a great experience for the golfer, from booking, to turning up and using the simulators. The thing that really sold it for The Pin specifically was the direction Gavin and co have taken with the games.
They’re pushing golf as an inclusive entertainment activity for everyone and that really fits with what we’re trying to do too,” Jake commented.

To book a demo or appointment please call 01256 805380 or email

•    Toptracer, launches new insights-driven game mode

Industry leading range technology provider, Toptracer, is today launching a brand-new game mode: Toptracer30.
The exciting new game mode puts players in 30 realistic virtual on-course scenarios, and measures how successfully the player navigates them – providing a mountain of data in just 30 shots. Each shot provides data which accumulates to a total score designed to offer an accurate and objective snapshot assessment of the player’s current performance level.
The new game mode has been designed as a bridge between the range and the golf course, simulating on-course pressure for players as they are tasked with a series of different situations. Toptracer30 consists of nine tee shots and 21 approach shots, with each shot evaluated depending on a number of variables - ranging from distance and accuracy when driving, to hole proximity and greens hit when approaching.
During gameplay, players are additionally provided with a series of ‘Insights’. As each is observed, evaluated, and analysed, players are given real-time feedback into the strengths and weaknesses of their performance during that play-through of Toptracer30.
Finally, upon completion of the Toptracer30 game, each shot is assessed and attributed to a ‘Performance Handicap’ – an estimated handicap that reflects the player’s performance across the entire 30 shots.
Ben Sharpe, Toptracer President, commented on the new development: “Toptracer30 is yet another impressive innovation in our range technology. This new game mode provides players with brilliant insights into their performance, and it offers the player with an opportunity to health check their game in just 30 shots.
“We can’t wait to see how players, and indeed coaches, use this new game mode to further their game and make all-important improvements,” he added.

•    Your Golf Booking launches fully integrated POS system for ranges and courses

The YGB POS system has officially launched, here’s everything you need to know about the system and what you can expect for the future of managing your golf venue.
Historically, managing a driving range has been no walk in the park. With multiple systems that require individual management, a driving range can often be a time-consuming task. Your Golf Booking has seen this challenge and has developed a fully integrated POS system that could mean waving goodbye to multiple systems and winning back time for driving ranges and golf courses worldwide.
The YGB POS system is jam-packed with features, functions, and innovative options – it’s a challenge to know where to begin. From simple to use layout functions with multiple capabilities to direct integrations with multiple payment providers including Square, Stripe and their own interesting white-labelled solution.
YGB’s POS is built into the same innovative booking engine we’ve featured in the past, meaning a single system to manage everything from real-time driving range bookings, tee-sheets, Pro Shop sales and even Restaurant and Reception orders. Amongst the new features is a clever tabbing system to add upsells to existing bookings, and an easy to use editor to customise the layouts used for each part of the business. As a mobile friendly system, staff can head out to meet and take payments from your customers on-site - they no longer have to come to you. You get all the functionality as if you were sat in front of your till, even tabs and payment splitting.
For the payment processors YGB is directly integrated with, they’ve added the ability to automatically pre-load payment terminals and avoid keying values. Just press charge and the terminal lights up ready to take payment. No more human error, saving valuable staff time and effort. There’s also a built-in option to email receipts to customers and avoid wasting till roll.
Because everything is in the same YGB ecosystem, customers can use their loyalty balance/rangecards to pay for whatever the venue operator allows them to. Staff can also sell topups for those balances straight from the same POS system in-venue.
Price is the only question remaining, and YGB have taken a different approach there too. They’re only billing once per venue, not per user or per till. At £59/month it’s undercutting quite a few of the other providers on the market.
YGB state this about its approach to the POS and its other systems:
“Its speed and flexibility have been a massive plus for the nearly 100 golf venues globally who’ve already adopted the system in the last 18months. The goal is to create a modern and simplistic platform that is cost-effective and removes the challenge all facilities face daily. With advanced inventory management, staff attribution and preauthorisation of cards yet to come in POS this year, we’re aren’t planning on slowing down.”
What’s in store for the future of Your Golf Booking?
The future of YGB is looking bright with some exciting developments in the works. Things to come include: self-service check-in terminals, memberships V2, with automated sign-ups and subscriptions, party and events planning and an all new Academy Management System.
    You can see some of the facilities already using the YGB on their venue search page:

For more information on Your Golf Booking, or to book in for a demonstration of the system, contact the team.
T: 01344 266 322 @: or visit our website: