Taking The Pixels

Who is Taking The Pixels
Taking The Pixels is a video production company that has been formed by a father and son partnership so that businesses can benefit from their different experiences, knowledge and understanding of marketing and technology. By complementing their joint-skills they are a great team waiting to work with you, and they really do have a lot to offer - both behind the camera and behind the scenes. They produce many types of videos to create entertaining content to ensure higher engagement with your customers.    They do this by using many formats including live action videos, aerial footage, customer testimonials, product showcases, training and explainer videos - supported by visual effects and various animation techniques. With all their productions they can help you from start to finish i.e. storyboard development to final delivery of completed edited video - or they can simply be part of your team wherever you may need them to get the job done.  

What is their Story
As a teenager, Billy had ADHD and one of his fascinations was all things IT related. After many years locked away in his bedroom and learning his trade, he started his own YouTube channel to post his videos on. By contrast, after many years of working in the corporate world, Steve changed direction and left to support Billy in his quest to run his own business. They now work with all types of businesses, from small local companies to larger well-known brands across all sectors - ensuring they understand what is required to produce the perfect video for their customers. They do this by using the latest technology and techniques, from visual effects, animation and aerial shots from their drone. They both love what they do and their results and customer testimonials just speak for themselves.

How it Started
It all started when Billy was at college and Steve read a book called ‘Brain Rules’ by John Medina, and recognising Billy’s skills with making videos from an early age. In short, the book explained how important ‘moving images’ are to the human brain, and Billy was already producing this type of content with his animations and visual effects on the videos he posted on his YouTube channel. Taking The Pixels started with animating customer logos and product photos, to producing all types of video content for all types of businesses; they are both CAA qualified drone pilots which adds an exciting aerial dimension to their productions. They now offer businesses a range of options to create and share more dynamic content – so they can connect with their customers via their laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Why Video?
Most companies quite rightly spend time, effort and/or money on SEO to attract visitors to their site. Sure, we buy why this is important. But do they really consider what type of online content will keep them there? It’s one thing getting the traffic in, but if they jump straight off the page what have you really gained?
When all is said and done, the job of a website is to be your shop window on the cyber high street -and you need it to be remembered. Google recognises that the days are numbered for just standard block text and stock images, and that we all need to interact with customers in more engaging and exciting ways.
Welcome - the emphasis on ‘rich’ content. Algorithm technology can now recognise sites with video content, making it one of the key factors to keep customers engaged! So much so, a Forrester Research study shows that a website with video is 53x more likely to land on the front page on Google searches. The two main reasons are:
More dynamic and rich content to satisfy consumer desires, and Longer site engagement keeping visitors interacting for longer. 

It is also proven by Dr John Medina, who is the author of the book ‘Brain Rules’ referred to earlier, that movement has a hugely positive impact on our memory. Video footage of course has the added benefit of being supercharged with audio [both the spoken word and/or music] – therefore capturing your customers’ imagination with the most prominent of their two senses.

One of the most powerful stats from Forrester Research is that a ‘one minute video has the same value as 1.8 million words that would take up 3,600 web pages.’ To put it into perspective, that would take 100 hours to read and in paper terms would use 8 reams of A4 and 16 ink cartridges to print!

A good example for video to convey a complicated message is the ‘How To’ and ‘Explainer’ genres that have taken YouTube by storm.

To prove the point Steve personally used a video to learn how to cook the perfect poached egg, something that is easier to convey by watching, rather than reading a recipe! He simply wanted to see how it was done!

Video can take many forms and satisfy many needs of customers, from unboxing and explainer videos, showcase and product videos, through to short marketing promos and testimonial videos. Any business, large or small, can improve their customer journey with this rich video contact. Whether that be awareness or acquisition to cross/upsell, and of course the holy grail of being an advocate of products or a business.

Think of video as the most powerful way to connect with your customers by reaching out to them through their PC’s, laptops, tablets and smart phones.  

The best way to view their extensive range of video work, is via their YouTube channel – and take a look at their Playlists where their videos are categorised, such as Showcases, Marketing Promos, Testimonials, Unboxing/Explainers, Products and many more.

Taking the Pixels are suppliers of video production, aerial footage, animation, visual effects and photography. Talk to them for your video content needs today by calling 07480 111591 or emailing stephen@takingthepixels.co.uk 


Golf is a great market for video
Marion Jenkins, director of Basildon Golf Course, recently commissioned a video to highlight the improvements to the new clubhouse and surrounds:
“Our business needed to show how much the clubhouse and patio area had changed since we took over six years ago. To be honest, the previous set of buildings and outlook were completely unattractive and we are very proud of what we’ve achieved. We wanted to be able to show quickly how smart our new set up was. The videoing was not intrusive and we had a draft to look at later the same day. We added some music and then placed the video on the front page of our website. Stephen and Billy helped us to do that in a very professional manner. I would recommend them to anyone looking to produce a similar result.”