Remodelling your Golf Course

Contour Golf at work

Golf courses are back open for play after a period of lockdown, with plenty welcoming increased demand and positive green fee pressure not seen in years. Sadly some may not have been so fortunate and will have to close permanently or go up for sale. 

The start to this year has truly been unprecedented, however the successful golf club will have a business plan that anticipates the need for improvement in order to compete in the marketplace. For your golf course, your business plan can be as simple as a  renovation project. 

Renovating and remodelling your golf course to a more modern standard including improving the gradient, drainage, aesthetics and quality of playing surfaces can not only retain membership, but can attract new customers and enable year-round golf.

A renovation project is often daunting under normal circumstances, especially so after an extended time of little to no income, but this is where Contour’s expertise comes in to play. Contour has vast experience in successful soil importation projects where remodelling can be net-negative in cost. Recyclable soils that would ordinarily be taken to landfill can be redirected to your golf course for use in earthworks and landscaping, providing the material required to complete the project while simultaneously helping to raise the revenue required  to fund the development. 

As well as economic benefits, there are environmental advantages to this strategy. Landfill sites are filling up and the world’s natural resources are being depleted, but some soils can be re-used in engineering schemes such as golf course renovation and remodelling, avoiding their unnecessary disposal as landfill. Working with the Environment Agency and Planning Authorities to obtain the relevant permits and permissions, Contour has experience in all stages from initial concept, design, importation management and construction all the way through to completion. 

Previous projects include Horsham Golf and Fitness ‘The Oaks’ and ‘Firs’ courses in West Sussex, which were completed by Contour in 2014. The project consisted of 550,000 cubic metres of soil imported from 2010 to sculpt the new landscape where the course would sit. 

The project included lakes, bunkers, rootzone and drained tees, USGA greens, a new irrigation system and 1000’s of metres of land drainage. The importation of the soil allowed the course to be elevated enough to aid natural drainage  runoff throughout, with land drainage picking up and diverting the remainder, enabling play year round as well as provide material to create beautiful rolling landscapes on what was previously a flat site. 

Radlett Golf Centre was a smaller scale project with importation completed in just five months totalling 40,000 cubic meters. The range was remodelled to create a more modern aesthetic with new target greens and landscaped outfield representing a rolling landscaped fairway. Contour managed the entire project from start to finish, from the first lorry load of soil to the last seed placed in the ground.

Contour has the industry relationships and a proven strategy that is helping numerous courses to not only stay current but compete and thrive. While these times have been hard hitting, there has never been a better time to take advantage of the opportunity to carry out maintenance, landscaping, restoration or remodelling works to help your course future proof its ongoing success. 

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