Grade A Architecture - St Enodoc

The 16th on the Church course at St Enodoce

The Church Course at St. Enodoc is an exhilarating golf adventure. The land tumbles in all sorts of directions and golfers are appropriately rewarded who can execute the necessary shots when the situation arises.

The 18-hole layout overlooks the Camel Estuary and on a clear sunny day the euphoria in walking the ground is intoxicating; the towering sand dunes one encounters is one of the true highlights in playing the course.

The par-69 layout only has two par-5s and each plays a key role in one’s round.

The par-5 16th is opening salvo for a glorious trio of holes that bring the round to a grand climax. The combination of a par-5, par-3 and par-4 conclusion really determines whether you’ll end one’s day with a smile or frown. In either case, the outcome is squarely on your shoulders.

The 16th provides a birdie opportunity but will not do so without effort of a high order: the tee shot must find a fairway that works gently left and has a series of tumbling movements that one can use to one’s advantage as the turf is springy and can provide additional roll if the line of play is chosen with care.

Often played into the prevailing wind, the hole is a stout challenge. Getting the ball far enough down the fairway on one’s second shot can then provide a good opportunity for one’s 3rd shot approach to a green that sits gently on a rise above the fairway. Pay heed to the devilish bunkers greenside - the hapless approach can easily be snared resulting in a painful posting on one’s scorecard.

The putting surface has an assortment of internal riddles, mandating careful thought on linking together the appropriate marriage of pace and direction with one’s flatstick.

When you arrive at the green the view of the estuary on the right is a visual treat you won’t soon forget.

The Church Course is aptly named - pay reverence in order to reap one’s bounty with the superb final three holes with the 16th in the lead position.

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