BigShots Golf - New Golf and Entertainment site just opened

Think you're a BigShot? This autumn AMS Robotics had the pleasure of installing four Belrobotics BallPickers into London’s newest and biggest place to eat, drink, play and party where you can enjoy interactive games with virtual targets that get everyone involved and give all skill levels a fair chance to win. 

Big Shots features superior digital ball tracking technology, meaning intense competition with addictive games and up to the second scoring. BigShots provide all the stats like ball speed, club speed, ball spin rate, launch angle and more, as well as the opportunity to record swing and game stats to give to your instructor. The first BigShots in the UK is based at Northwick Park, Harrow.

AMS Robotics has supplied BigShots with four Belrobotics Ball Pickers and two AMS Robotics wash and return systems. The Belrobotics ball pickers automate the collecting of range balls on driving ranges: Ball Picker reduces the need for man and machine to manually collect the balls. In turn, staff can be relieved from this task, allowing them to find more time for the other aspects of their job. The Ball Picker robot offers many benefits for driving ranges and facilities such as BigShots. To name a few: they are electric, so fully carbon neutral, easily managed from a smartphone app and with their continuous operation they keep the range's ball supply available.

For the ultimate golfing experience BigShots have also installed bespoke TrueStrike practice mats. With a gel based hitting section, they replicate the feel of real turf allowing you to hit down and through the shot. These mats are used worldwide by professionals, giving you every chance to improve your game.

“These robots are the future, our customers love them, they are a huge talking point. BigShots is a new level of golfing and entertainment. It’s an exciting and modern way for both amateurs and professionals to enjoy the sport and the AMS Robotics automated ball management solution collects, washes and returns the balls quickly and efficiently so we can keep the bays full at all hours. On top of this, the robots are carbon neutral and will help us reach our environmental goals. BigShots is expanding, we are opening several sites throughout the UK and we will be bringing AMS along with us on the way. Exciting times ahead,” John Sweeney, owner BigShots UK.

  BigShots have astro on their range, but for ranges with real turf, AMS BallPickers can be paired with AMS mowers to form a completely automated range solution. Call 01462 676 222 or email for a demo.